Abstract Submission

The deadline for all submissions is 20th May 2019

Abstracts can be submitted by anybody who works at ATREE including the faculties, Ph.D. students, RAs, Post-docs, and representatives from CCCs. This year we expect and encourage faculty researchers’ participation in presenting their work at AWS.

While submitting the abstracts you can opt any of the following presentation types

  1. Full Talk- Interested presenters with completed or fairly advanced level of work can opt for a full talk mode where each presenter will get 20 minutes, including discussion time. Please note that based on the total number of submissions and time constraints, the organisers will have the discretion to request a full talk to be presented in other formats.
  2. Short talk with Poster presentation: Interested participants can opt for combination of short talk (3 minutes) with poster presentation.
  3. Short talk only - Interested participants can opt for short talk (3 minutes) only.
  4. Poster presentation only - Interested participants can opt for Poster presentation mode only. Based on the number of submissions, each poster will be allotted a time slot at which the author has to be mandatorily present at their posters. Presenters can also display posters presented at ATREE@20 conference, provided the content is based on a completed or on-going work. Abstract length: 300 words

If interested, we request you to kindly submit an abstract (with title & 5 keywords) of your work online by indicating your preferred mode of presentation. The word limit for the abstract (with title) is 300 words.

Abstracts are no longer being accepted.